Episode 13 - Pikes Peak, SoCal to NoCal, Accessory Review, Mercedes Benz?

Pike's Peak 2013, Practice Days - Colorado  


In this episode, we cover a few things including:

  • Newbie Friendly Group Ride and Motorcycle Clinic (Women Only), July 14th: Meetup.com/GearChic
  • Cristi's report and photos from going to the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado. You'll never guess what kind of bike had the fastest time...Article courtesy of Asphalt & Rubber
  • Accessory Review: Schuberth SRC Rider Communications Kit
  • I go to my 20 year reunion, mostly on my motorcycle but partially in a Mercedes Benz. Ohhh yes.
  • Cristi's first ride on two wheels from Los Angeles to San Francisco. How did she do?


Gear Review: Ladies' Rev'It Levante Jacket

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