Episode 12 - Lost Coast Ride Recap, Novelty Helmets (the silent killer), GPs Marc Marquez should be professing his love for Air Bag Tech, and much much more...

IMG_0949 Joanne tells us about how she got lost, er...found the Lost Coast I mean...on her lovely road trip.  How can you argue with the above photo as an excuse to escape for the weekend...I can't!  In this episode, we're catching up, talking about the non-major brand novelty helmet (which is NOT safe to wear), tricked out airbag gear so you can walk away from your 200+ mph crash like Marc Marquez at Mugello (note: landing is everything), expanding your moterrific horizons by taking advanced rider courses (thanks for the tip, Jeremy Irons!), and the occasional perils of second-hand shopping for motorcycle parts.

Note: you may find it humorous or annoying that there are moments where I tell you to crank it up or down due to Joanne's sound being so low.  I apologize, but I didn't want to scrap the episode entirely...so at the dire moments, I mention it otherwise the sound improves in the latter part of the podcast...and actually after running the file through Levelator, you might not need to adjust much if at all.


Jeremy Irons Rides a BMW - Gotta love a guy who's filming in Hungary and satisfies his two-wheeled urges on a BMW...

Novelty Helmets - Helping Highway Patrol Spend Less Time on Cleanup since 19## - Harsh, but true.  Just because it's for sale doesn't mean it's safe.  Look for the DOT/ stickers.

Our Spanish GP darling - MotoGP's Marc Marquez crashed during a Mugello practice lap and is probably thanking his lucky stars for a) his perfect "10" landing; b) the gear that made his perfect "10" landing survivable at +/- 200 mph.  A-Stars, Dainese, Spidi and RS Taichi all offer air bag protection similar to the GP riders.  Spidi may have the most affordable deal at $500-600 for a vest which can go over anything you currently own.  Marc's crash via helmet cam and from track side where you see him go from surviving a nasty crash to pissed in 0.00001 sec.

And of course, I drop her shop name all the time, but please if you are in SoCal and in need of gear but dubious of the financial commitment or wanting a huge brand selection all in one place, check out Yellow Devil Gear Exchange in Long Beach.  Jessica is nothing short of awesome...and on the flip side, if you have gear to cut loose, she'd be happy to discuss consignment with you.

Just to rub in our nice Cali scenery, these are my parting ride shots in Malibu and Palos Verdes...

photo (3) photo (2)

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