Episode 1, A New Motorcycle Podcast

horizons unlimited cambria 2012 motorcycle events california Welcome to Moterrific, a terrific (and new!) motorcycle podcast.

When Cristi messaged me last week, I felt the urgency to act and sit down with her to record this first podcast. I called her on Skype (thanks wonder of the interwebs!) and we simply started chatting.

In this 1st episode, we introduce ourselves to you, just to give you some background info on us (street cred!) and share our thoughts on a couple of things such as the new California Lanesharing Guidelines recently released by the CHP and the CMSP, as well as a brief gear review of the REVIT Legacy GTX motorcycle jacket and pants for women. It's only ~40 minutes long, so hopefully it won't bore you to tears! [CF note: I'm working on different mic options so Joanne and I can communicate better -read: I'm not cutting her off- and I don't feel like I need to scratch a chalkboard at the sound of my voice]

In future episodes, we plan to have gear reviews, commentary on current events, interviews that run the gamut between riders, adventurers, racers, motobusiness owners -- just anything/everything pertaining to riding motorcycles that we can think of, with an emphasis on the sport / dual sport world as that is our specialty. I also hope to have some general advice/information for new riders such as choosing the right motorcycle, gear, increasing riding skills, and more.

We hope you like this first episode, as we're trying our best to jump into the deep waters of the motorcycle podcast ocean and share some different perspectives. Namely female ones! Please share your comments/feedback.

Episode 1: Moterrific-03032013-Episode1 (right click to save, or to listen on your browser)

Note: If you're just now tuning into our podcast series, welcome!  Please note that if you're starting from Episode 1, we had a learning curve with the audio.  If you can tough it out, it gets better, we promise!

Until iTunes approve us, you can use this RSS Feed URL also: http://www.moterrific.com/moterrificrss.xml

Useful Links mentioned in the podcast:

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Product mentions: REV'IT Legacy GTX, Schampa Thermal Baselayers

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