Happy Holidays!

I hope the weather is friendly wherever you are to get outside for a bit over the extended holiday.  I had a great time this weekend, stocking up on new gear Saturday and being the subject of a photo shoot and interviews on Sunday.  While we sort out a timeframe to record while juggling record-breaking caloric intake, this is on the horizon for early 2014:

  • Gear reviews - Dainese Temporale D-Dry Jacket and the New Drake Air pants for ladies;
  • BMW Ownership News' January Issue with my review of the BMW Performance Center off-road course (non-subscribers will be provided with the link once its available);
  • Upcoming BMW Ownership News' review of the F800GSA I've been falling in love with...as well as a few sneak peek photos of last weekend's shoot once I get permission to leak a few; and,
  • Interviews with adventure motorcyclists and the possibility of advanced notice for listener question submittals;
  • New posting of listener feedback and a chance for both Moterrific admin and other listeners to weigh in; and,
  • Class reviews (because I am going to get cracking on my New Year's resolution) from beginner level through advanced - from street training to supermoto to track.

Thank you for sticking with us in our inaugural year, and we look forward to an exciting and prosperous 2014!

Joanne and Cristi


Listener Feedback

Listener Feedback