Episode 6: Short and Sweet

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Moterrific Motorcycle Podcast http://moterrific.com/mp3s/Moterrific-04152013-Episode6.mp3

First, a couple apologies:

- For the first 3-5 minutes of Cristi's low volume.

- For me breathing heavy into the microphone. I guess talking about motorcycles just gets me all hot and bothered!


Sorry folks, this is going to be a short one. Due to unforseen circumstances, our original recording got thrown in the washing machine so we hope that you'll enjoy this simpler episode.

-Proposed Lane Sharing Laws in Nevada. Go NV!

-BMW has decided to jump into the Beginner Motorcycle market (starting in India). Why has it taken so long for manufacturers to jump into the US market?

-How important is it to choose Your Motorcycle?

-What are some things you wish someone had told you about motorcycles before you started riding them?

-What can you do to increase the awareness and number of women riders?  How can you find more women to ride with?

-Do you know how to ride your 250? :)

-Not so well known women riding motorcycles. Go Like, Share and Support these awesome women!

There are many, many more women to support so let us know who you think we should know about by leaving a comment below.

No Gear review / mention this week but check back in Episode 7.


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