Episode 4 - Girls Gone Electric and Supermoto

2013 690 ktm duke brammo empulse r san francisco scuderia west Huge Thanks to Don Lemelin, El Presidente of Scuderia West Motorcycles San Francisco for letting us run around town on these giggling like school girls!

I think the one word that both Cristi and I can use to describe the day we recorded this episode is WOW. I think we are the only two women in the world riding around on these two motorcycles. If you've never heard of the Duke or the Empulse, then you're in for a treat!

Download here: http://moterrific.com/mp3s/Moterrific-04012013-Episode4.mp3

In This Episode:

  1. Ride Reviews: KTM 690 Duke, Brammo Empulse R. Wait, the short person is more comfortable riding the tall person's bike?
  2. Gear:
  3. Moto News:

PS: We apologize for allowing you to hear us drinking our water. Unfortunately with all the excitement of the day, we forgot to hydrate!

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