Episode 2, Electric Motorcycles and Marketing to Motorcyclists

3/17/13: Update I'm so sorry that the RSS feed had the wrong episode listed for #2! If you downloaded from itunes, it told you the right episode but when you listened it was probably #1 instead :(. I've fixed the issue it won't happen again, promise! JD Episode 2 is up! Ready for download in iTunes, or right here in this post. First of all, we would like to thank all of you who have listened to our first show. We apologize for the sound issues we've been having and are working hard to resolve this issue. Next week's episode should sound Much better than the 1st and we have a few projects that we're working on for future episodes to get them to sound even better.

In this episode, we cover a wide range of commentary including celebrities "riding" motorcycles (how many female celebs can you name who ride?), how are companies doing in accurately portraying female motorcyclists? What's the deal with electric motorcycles?


PS, Cristi would love if anyone can identify the commercial she's referencing towards the end of the show. Please send an email or comment on this post if you can confirm that she's hallucinating or if she's sane after all. Thanks!

Links/Info mentioned in the podcast:

BMW Ads Non motorcycle commercial (Coco Chanel) featuring Kiera Knightly Brammo Electric Motorcycles Zero Electric Motorcycles

What's coming up on next week's show:

Listener questions / bad advice. Yep, we already have 1 listener with a multitude of general motorcycle related questions!

Please submit any 'bad motorcycle advice' type questions to us, as it relates to your riding. Bad habits? Not riding? Need help riding? Not sure if you like riding? Hate your bike? Think of it as a Dear Abby segment, for your motorcycle related dramas.

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