Episode 106: New Rider Series, Part 2

 FYI - It didn't hurt a bit...Thanks Rev'It!

FYI - It didn't hurt a bit...Thanks Rev'It!

In our second installment of the New Rider Series (continuing where we left off on our chat from Episode 105), we discuss the basics about gear (more in-depth in a later episode), motorcycle insurance, and riding tips/techniques.

In case you question whether gear is right for you, this is a story about my personal experience with it and the accompanying podcast. 

Our friend Brittany Morrow founded a company called Rock the Gear in order to educate others on the importance of gear by sharing a very personal story about her own experiences. Watch her give a talk from a previous International Motorcycle Show presentation or listen to my interview with her 10 years later in a restaurant. The audio for the latter is a little chattery, but hey - girls gotta eat.

Episode 105: New Rider Series, Part 1